Review of “The Fuzzzz” from Built By Ryan

Check out this cool review on one of my Fuzzzz pedals….

I’ll be making more of them so message me  if you want one. You can also wait and see… some will pop up in the reverb shop from time to time. In between custom orders I still build more stuff for my dealers and the reverb shop… I personally really like the circuit so I always have to have one on hand for my ears sake. I can also make a even bigger versions or smaller for your needs. I always try to be affordable too so don’t be scared to ask for a monster pedal.

As pictured in the review and the first 2 pictured below I offer them for 200$ plus shipping 8$ US ? for international I charge whatever it costs for that usually 20-30$ I ship USPS priority it’s fast so I like that.

For the monster one… I made that for 375$, to give you a idea of what a monster creation goes for. They take a lot of time to not only build, but plan out with the buyer. A small 3 knobber Vol, Tone, Sustain would be like 120$ in case your wondering that. same shipping charge as above… I can do hundreds if not thousands of circuits and mod a ton too. I mostly enjoy making them entirely from scratch I love art and this is truly something I love doing. Adding a few toggles to a boss pedal isn’t as fun but I can help with that too though I understand not being happy with a stock pedal I am a bassist almost everything I ever bought kinda sucked stock hahaha!! I do like modding wahs though they have so much space in the box to add things to them. So don’t be afraid to hit me up for a quote. I have my wife helping me with messaging now so I can build with more of my time, so be nice 🙂


-Ryan …Rock on!

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